Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prelude to summer...103,104,105,106/365

Well, spring break is over and the kids went back to school today. While I am relieved for them to be "occupied," we sure did have fun while they were home. We made crafts, went to the park, got wet in the front yard, had lazy mornings and long late nights. All these things left an aura of summer itching to break thru, and we all are excited about whats to come. I really can't believe school is almost out. I can still remember the first day when uniforms were all shiny and new. But, hey I am getting ahead of my self, out here we still have like a month and a half left. I know in Colorado its down to just weeks. For now though take a little peek at what we did this last week, and enjoy the fun. ;)

We built marshmallow and toothpick creations. There were marshmallows everywhere, big and small. This here is the flintstone's car.

And this started out as a star, but now kinda looks like some prehistoric animal coming to invade planet earth.

~Bubbles make the world go round. ~

New swimsuits mean summer is on the way!!!

Joe joined a baseball team and they play Friday nights.

It's fun to see him running around trying to catch the ball. You know I am cheering on my man, and the kids are having a blast too. We love it.

This is at Santa Monica pier. We had a lot of fun there too. Lots of interesting people.

I hope your spring break was as much fun as ours, even if it was mostly home grown.


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