Thursday, December 5, 2013


I don't know...

It's been such a long while. A long, long while. I am still taking pictures. Although somewhat sporadically now. I think I lost my place. I got off track. I stepped off the path, and then couldn't find my way back. I am still here though. I feel as if I am walking along side of the path, with no real "in" on how to get back on it. I think every day is a work in progress. Is it a matter of losing skill, or is it a matter of choice? I wish I could convey to you the way I feel. It's as if I feel something great bubbling beneath the surface, full of color and full of life, ready to be magnificent. Yet, that surface has not broken yet. I know I was created to do a great thing. This thing I know. But what that thing is, I have yet to find.