Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random musings...lemonade or love?

I named this picture "with love" because I felt like it looked like a postcard that you would mail to someone you loved and then they would get it and their day would be brightened and it would make them smile. Then I mailed it to someone I loved, she got it and she absolutely loved it. However, when she looked at it she said it made her thirsty. I got to looking at it and kinda felt what she was saying, then I thought of a new name for this pic, I think now I might call it "cherry lemonade." Because honestly I got a little thirsty too. What do you think? Does it satisfy the thirst in your heart or the thirst in your mouth??



Sunday, February 26, 2012

So precious in His sight...

“A baby is God's opinion that life should go on. Never will a time come when the most marvelous recent invention is as marvelous as a newborn baby"

~Carl Sandburg

...And we praise You for that Lord. Thank You for my beautiful and healthy niece. Amen.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Things to be happy about today...

making someone happy that you care about

a collection of gumball machines

sun pouring into rooms

using black and white film

the color of platinum

and family resemblances...



Wednesday, February 1, 2012


“In spite of the six thousand manuals on child raising in the bookstores, child raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck - and, of course, courage.” ― Bill Cosby

I love this quote by Bill Cosby it is so funny, but so true. Sometimes I feel like raising these kids is just ka-razy, everyday there is something new. But then there are days like this when it all just seems right. We took the kids to Venice beach and spent the day with no agenda, no curfew, and no where to be the next morning. We were hanging hard core and the light was just right.

I love you guys more than you will ever know....



Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Anniversay...

This was a pic I took last year on Joe and I's (not sure if that is proper english) anniversary. We celebrated 11 years of marriage. You know it's funny, when you meet and fall in love and first get married you feel like you know everything there is to know about this person and you love every bit of them and you could never love them anymore than you love them right in that moment. But to be honest, I love Joe even more now than I ever did then. I mean there are times when I may not 'like' him (lol, and I know he could say the same for me), but one thing is for sure, no matter what, I will always, always love him. Just like I have said in the past, marriage is work, it is a daily grind for real, and I know that as long as I have breath this is one job I will never quit. We have literally grown up together and I wouldn't choose anyone else to go the rest of the way with. I love you man...



Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Dreams, New Goals, 2012

Hey....Hello out there....Is any one still listening????

If you are, this post is for you. If you're not, well, I completely understand. I am not sure I would've kept reading this severely neglected blog myself. First off let me start out by saying that I'm sorry it has taken me so long to come back to this blog. I am here and have been here, but for some reason have not written anything for quite some time. I know I've got a bit of explaining to do so let me go on and jump in. You see basically what had happened was that I just got off track. Life started happening to fast and my photography ended up taking a back seat to everything else. I think on top of being overwhelmed with life and all that it entails I made the mistake of letting a little bit of doubt and discouragement settle in. Sure, they had come to visit me before, but it was only for a brief stay then they were gone. However this time they came to visit and they stayed. Truth be told, both unwanted visitors are still here...

To me, this 365 was starting to feel like a curse more than a blessing. I was starting to feel like instead of being inspired to take a picture everyday I was being required to take a picture everyday and that in itself felt like a huge burden some days. I was feeling stressed to get a picture done everyday, and if for some reason the day got away from me I was just taking some random junk and hoping it looked okay. And to me that wasn't right...

I don't know what my future looks like in photography right now today. I do know that I want to jump back in, but I also know that I am struggling to just pick my camera up. I think at this point I am not going to try and catch 365 up, I am just going to let it be. I may post up some highlights of my favorites that have never gone up, And who knows, I may just do another 365 because I did learn so much during that time, or maybe a 52 week project where I take one picture a week. I don't know. One thing I do know is that I will take the pressure off of myself by maybe posting some (but not all) pics or maybe no posting at all. Instead of being so overt with it, this time I want to be a little more covert with it and post at my pace without strict deadlines that make me feel like I can't get it done....

So anyway, it's now 2012, a new year with new dreams and new goals for everyone, including me. I want to get out of this funk, need to get out of this funk, will get out of this funk, and start with something fresh. So, thank you to all of those (if any) that have stuck with me, and are still listening. And thank you to me for giving me a second chance (again)...

I pray that your new year be blessed and full of all that He has to offer...