Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're Back.

Hey Hey Hey! We are back from the land of eternal sunshine, and let me tell you we had a blast! We had SO much fun, I almost did not want to come home. The weather was off the chain, 80+ degrees the whole time we were there. We got a much needed dose of family love, the kids got to play with cousins they did not even know they had, and I got to see cousins I hadn't seen in almost 2 years. I have tons of pictures to go through, and as soon as I am done sifting through them I will post them up that way you can enjoy the LBC through my eyes.

For now though I will put up some pictures I took from a mini photo shoot I got to participate in for "America's Next Top mini Model**".

Look, I told this girl to work it, give me some attitude...
and that is exactly what she did...

I put these pictures up, not just becasuse they are cute, but also as an example for your own photoshoot. Your pictures will only come out good if you relax in front of the camera and let your inner personality shine through. I can't make miracles happen, but I can take what you got and help you floss it...These were done low budget, on a dime in the middle of the afternoon, with nothing but a fancy hat, fancy shoes, and definitely a fancy attitude. Now if this lil' mama can work it, I KNOW you can. (BTW. This one is my favorite)

So the next time you are in front of my camera, or any other camera for that matter, pop your colla, and show me what your workin wit!

Much love,


**There is no real "America's Next Top mini Model" program. That is just something I completely made up for this blog post. ***No animals were harmed during this photoshoot.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here comes the sun

Hey my people. Whazzzzz uuup?!? **Remeber those commercials? They were so funny. There was a series of them, and once you saw one you just had to try saying it, and then of course once you said it, the person you were saying it to automatically said it back to you with their own spin. And then you had to say it back to them wilder than they said it to you. You could go on like that for while, whazzzz upppping, until someone finally got tired and said "no really, what's up?" Crazy. But anyway...**

As for me, I am getting out of town. I am traveling to Cali for the next few days to soak in some sun, take lots of pictures, oh...and visit family too. Yeah man. I am so excited. I've been checking the weather and it has been in the 70's and 80's. I can't wait!!! It's been pretty cold here in Colorado, which is typical for January, so I am all too excited to get out of the snow. To take my shoes off and let my feet burrow in the warm beach sand. I can't wait! Although, if you had to be in the snow, rockin these hot mama shoes would warm up any situation....

I love these shoes, they make me feel about 10 degrees hotter than I really am. I was thinking about blowing this picture up and hanging it somewhere in the house. I think it would be tight. But anywhoo, I will update you when I get back from my sweet sun kissed travels.


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Friday, January 9, 2009

9 in '09

It's here, 2009 is finally here.
In case you haven't noticed, we are well into our way of 2009. Taxes will be due soon, Easter hats will be adorned, summer break in full effect. But wait! I know, I know I am jumping ahead of myself, we aren't that far in, but it's funny how time flies. I can remember all of those things from last year and it seems like we were just gearing up for them then. But anyway, I digress.
Right now, since 2009 is still fresh out the box, I wanted to talk about resolutions. Basically I am through with "New Year's Resolutions". Everyone does them every year and I'm sayin, what is the point? I say I want to lose weight, and be a better person every year. But somehow I never seem to make it past January. And, I don't know about you, but I feel kinda bad when I mess up and don't follow thru with my resolutions. I guess that is why I use the same ones every year. So anyway, I have decided that instead of setting make or break resolutions I am going to set goals (genius, I know, but I can't really take the credit for this I got it from my Pastor). I am setting 9 goals for 2009. 9 things that I would like to have achieved by the end of 2009. 9 things that I am going to pray about and strive for all year long. 9 things that will be ok if I don't hit, because goals are positive. Now, to be perfectly honest, 9 days in, I am not done with my list. I have gotten started. Just haven't finished. I will share what I have got so far.
1. Bring at least one person to Christ
2. Build my photography business, become more knowledgeable with a flash.
3. Install a family night
4. Get (and stay) organized in everything I do.
5. Complete at least one personal photo project (with boldness).
6. Read my Bible everyday.
Ok, so I am not done, but I think I am off to a very good start. What about you? Have you thought about your new years resolutions? I encourage you to change them into goals. Jump on board with me get 9 for '09 and feel good about them.
Also, because it doesn't feel right with out a picture, here is some miscellaneous minutiae for you.