Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My dawg.

Have you ever had some one that was truly down for you? I mean really down. Someone who was on your side even if you were wrong? Well, I got one of those. Meet my cousin Harley. This lady right here is my GIRL! My cousin Harley happens to be one of my very best friends. She is exactly eight days older than me (now that we are both over 28 I never let her forget that fact) and I have known her since birth. We have been through everything together. When we were teenagers, I would see her every summer. Sometimes we would fight like cats and dogs, other times we would defend each other till the end. There was one time she came to live with me and my family, and MAN were we in heaven! We went to a new school together and since neither one of us had made any friends all we did was hang with each other, passing notes in class and laughing at our own private jokes. It was priceless. Harley always has, and always will be my partner in crime, my number one homegirl, my ace boon coon. I love you HD. Take care.