Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Smitty's

Ahhh. What to say, what to say. The Smiths. This family is simply amazing. I really don't know how to describe them. I mean, how can you describe a couple that has touched so many lives in so many ways through the love of Christ? How can you thank a couple that has been there for you (and anyone else in need) countless times when ever you called? How can you capture in an image, the light that radiates from the very being of such Godly people? You can't, not really, but because they asked, I tried. I love this family so much.

You see, the Smith are moving. They are a military family, and basically they are just doing what is required of them every four years or so. I know in my heart it was not their plan to stay in C. springs forever, this place is just too small to contain them. But you never really focus on the day when your friends will leave. You just truck on week after week, year after year knowing you will see them again next Sunday. Well, my Sundays with the Smiths have run dry. Alright. I know, I know they are not dying, just moving, but dang I am truly going to miss these people.
P. Smith was cooler than the other side of the pillow, and Mama Smith was just as fresh. I am sure there are alot of people that want to be them when they grow up. Starting with me! ; )

**** Man, as you guys already know, we are all going to miss you. Everybody. From the bottom to the top. What you have done in C. Springs during the short time you were here is just too much, and too deep to describe, and after you leave, I KNOW we will still be talkin about all the things you did. You guys are the most fun, loveable, down to earth, keepin it real, sincerely blessed people I know, and even though you are gone you will NEVER be forgotten. I hope you like your pictures....
{I love, LOVE this picture. It is off the chain!!}

Much Love...


(eta: I did not mean for this post to be sad, I'm just speaking from the heart.... enjoy!!!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween {'08}

Alright so I am a week behind. It's ok though, because when you see these super cute cuties you will wish it was halloween all over again. I rolled out my backdrop and did some portraits of the fam.

Belle was there...

This beautiful bride stopped her ceremony long enough for me to snag shot. (BTW. It will be another 20+years before she actually dons a real wedding gown. per D.A.D.)

Fifi was simply mah-volus da-ling.
This little stinker wobbled in...

and this cool cat rolled in and stole my heart.

Halloween was pretty fun. My kids and I went to our church for the Harvest Festival where they unload unspeakable amounts of candy on you for 4 hours straight. There were so many clever costumes, maybe one day I will dress up. I am not sure what I would be though, I would have to give it some thought.

As for my two nieces they went with their too cool for school mom's to another halloween party. The girls went to bed early, while the mamas stayed up late. Here they are before they got into their costumes.

I did not get to see them all dress up, I wish I had though, they both went as flapper girls.

I hope yours was fun and safe.