Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The usual....212-214/365

Me playing catch up. I haven't given up yet. I am not sure if this 365 is encouraging me or discouraging me. I am still trucking along I have just lost a little steam in posting. It seems like the more I try to devote time to this project and its components the more I feel like it is a burden and I am struggling to find things to take pictures of. I really think I am just in the thick of it and I can't see anything. Pray for me ya'll. I need it, on alot of things....

Happy Birthday to my little cousin Asa! This was over a month ago now, but hey it always fun to look at the memories. Right?

This picture has a lot of blue. I don't remember now if it was my camera's settings, or if there was really that much blue around. Well at least for Asa's sake it's not pink.



7th & Obispo


It's about a thing...208-210/365

Sometimes its all about the texture of a thing.

Other times its about the placement, and of course the color of a thing.

But most times, its just about whatever catches my eye.

Whatever that may be! hahahahaha. ;)




I do too, if it helps you pay for college. :)

We went to MOCA over the summer (Museum of Contemporary Art) and they had a graffitti exhibit that was off the chain! I loved every mintue of it.

stay true,



One of my favorites.




Everything tastes better with a straw.


Sunflare again...202/365



The stories of my life...




Day 200.
I'm not running out of things to shoot. I promise I'm not.
I will do better tomorrow.



I love sunflare almost as much as I love color.

It is the ice cream to my cake.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Lara...198/365

Color, I love you. I see you in my dreams. You speak to me in whispers that always shout so loud. I want to hold you in between the palm of my hands, cupped ever so tightly, so that I can peek at you through out the day with only one eye. Of course when my other eye gets jealous of what the one has seen, I will open my hands and let you free so that all of me can sing.

...you inspire me....


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love lists...195/365

Things I love about him:

His obsession with pirates.
That while still obsessed with pirates he has become involved with Spiderman.
The way he calls Special K cereal "chocwate" cereal.
How every morning he ends up in my bed on my pillow taking in all of my oxygen.
How every night we still need to have his "binti" (blankie) before we go to bed.
How when I am in their room saying their prayers with them, he has to lay his head in my lap.
That milk is still his drink of choice.
That he still wants me to pick him up sometimes, just so that he can be held.
That he randomly says "mom, I love you" for no reason at all.
The fact that he can sing the entire Spider man theme song in tandem with me.
That he LOVES old school cartoons like Inspector gadget and He-Man.

Things I love about her:

The freckles on her nose.
How quiet and baby like she is first thing in the morning.
The way she still ends up in my bed by the morning.
How it is taking forever for her front teeth to grow back in ( I love the empty spaces).
That she finally figured out how to comb her hair.
The way she dances when she thinks no one is looking.
How she takes care of her little brother.
How when I told her that she was not going to be one of the little kids on the playground anymore "your a second grader now, you have to help the little ones" she thought about it and then took it in seriously as one of her upcoming duties. ( I couldn't help but smile).
That she is so sensitive to others feelings.
That she still wants to hug me, and is not embarrassed by me yet.
That she is the electronic guru of the family

I love you both for these reasons and so much more....

Love mama.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Randomness...193-194/365




You may have noticed that there has been a little sumthin, sumthin new added to the sidebar over there to the right towards the top. What you are seeing is part of my Esty store. My Etsy store ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/jmariephoto?ref=pr_shop&view_type=gallery )is the place where you can go to purchase j.Marie artwork. I don't have everything listed yet, but I do have some things there. Actually, if you ever see a photograph that you absolutely must have, but don't see it in my store just shoot me an email either here, on facebook or thru my Etsy store and I am more than happy to get something ordered for you. Also, all my photographs can be ordered in various sizes, get at me about that too if you need to. The sidebar at the right will change peridiocally depending on what is new in my store. I am pretty excited to have a store finally up and running, I have already made a few sales too! So, if you've ever loved what you've seen on my blog and are interested in making a purchase head on over to Etsy and give me a shout!

My first etsy sale! Yay! I loved it big too (24x36). In my perfect world I would have all of my stuff huge all over my house framed beautifully.... ;)

Stay cool,


Love is the flower...191/365

Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.

~D.H. Lawrence



it was delicious. :)



We are on the cusp of this obsession, the boy hasn't gotten all the way infatuated with these yet, but something is a brewing. I can feel it...

much love,



This is Crystal Cove (http://www.crystalcovestatepark.com/), a state park that we went to visit with some friends a few weeks back. It was soooo beautiful. There were tide pools to look in, as well as plain old beach to lie around on and enjoy the sand and surf.

This is where the tide pools were. At low tide when the water goes out all these rocks are filled with all kinds of interesting water creatures.

Iz was pretty scared and worried about what we would find, he did however venture out and touch a hermit crab shell.

I am loving this summer amongst new friends. With all of our adventures, I know it is our best summer yet. I am hoping these friendships formed will last a lifetime. ♥

Much love,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


of a night stand...

(haha, I know with that title you were hoping for something more juicy. It's cool though, "Keep hope Alive!!" maybe next time.)



Monday, August 15, 2011

Day in L.A.....186/365

A few weeks back the kids and I took a trip to L.A. and spent the whole day down there exploring and running around. Of course there is so much to what is considered "L.A." that I know we have just touched the tip of the ice berg. We had so much fun though, that this is one day trip that will have to be added to the repertoire.

We started out at LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), they had some awesome art work, the kids and I really enjoyed ourselves. You would think children and art museum are two things that don't go together, but this time it worked. Nobody touched anything, and no one cried cause they were bored. And actually LACMA has a kids art program that if you join the membership the kids get in free until they turn 18 yrs old, and they get an adult in free with they every time they come. So you know we joined immediately, and this whole visit ended up being free (which is my favorite kind!). For those of you in the LA area, the name of the free program for your kids is called NextGen (like Next Generation). You should definitely check it out.

My favorite piece of the day by Jeff Koons...

After the museum we went to the La Brea Tar pits. The smell was horrendous, it was hard to focus on all the interesting facts. You can see what it's all about here... http://www.tarpits.org/

Ok, so they might have gotten a little weary by the end...

Then after those two places we ended the day at the L.A. Farmers Market. I absolutely LOVED this place!!! Lots to see and do and eat. We will definitely be back here soon.

until next time,

♥ j

p.s. I drove like on 3 freeways to get to this area, you should have seen me, I was rollin! Ma, you would have been proud. ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fruity reflections on life....186-186/365

Life is just a bowl of cherries...

don't take it serious, its mysterious...

Life is just a bowl of cherries....

so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love...

~Bob Fosse

And when live gives you lemons, make lemonaid... with a side of orange juice.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I got to spend a little quality time with my boo the other night. We went to dinner and after dinner we took a drive.

The sunset was amazing.

Dinner was pretty good too. :)
Of course any time spent with my love is always good with me. I love you honey.