Wednesday, August 17, 2011


You may have noticed that there has been a little sumthin, sumthin new added to the sidebar over there to the right towards the top. What you are seeing is part of my Esty store. My Etsy store ( )is the place where you can go to purchase j.Marie artwork. I don't have everything listed yet, but I do have some things there. Actually, if you ever see a photograph that you absolutely must have, but don't see it in my store just shoot me an email either here, on facebook or thru my Etsy store and I am more than happy to get something ordered for you. Also, all my photographs can be ordered in various sizes, get at me about that too if you need to. The sidebar at the right will change peridiocally depending on what is new in my store. I am pretty excited to have a store finally up and running, I have already made a few sales too! So, if you've ever loved what you've seen on my blog and are interested in making a purchase head on over to Etsy and give me a shout!

My first etsy sale! Yay! I loved it big too (24x36). In my perfect world I would have all of my stuff huge all over my house framed beautifully.... ;)

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