Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love lists...195/365

Things I love about him:

His obsession with pirates.
That while still obsessed with pirates he has become involved with Spiderman.
The way he calls Special K cereal "chocwate" cereal.
How every morning he ends up in my bed on my pillow taking in all of my oxygen.
How every night we still need to have his "binti" (blankie) before we go to bed.
How when I am in their room saying their prayers with them, he has to lay his head in my lap.
That milk is still his drink of choice.
That he still wants me to pick him up sometimes, just so that he can be held.
That he randomly says "mom, I love you" for no reason at all.
The fact that he can sing the entire Spider man theme song in tandem with me.
That he LOVES old school cartoons like Inspector gadget and He-Man.

Things I love about her:

The freckles on her nose.
How quiet and baby like she is first thing in the morning.
The way she still ends up in my bed by the morning.
How it is taking forever for her front teeth to grow back in ( I love the empty spaces).
That she finally figured out how to comb her hair.
The way she dances when she thinks no one is looking.
How she takes care of her little brother.
How when I told her that she was not going to be one of the little kids on the playground anymore "your a second grader now, you have to help the little ones" she thought about it and then took it in seriously as one of her upcoming duties. ( I couldn't help but smile).
That she is so sensitive to others feelings.
That she still wants to hug me, and is not embarrassed by me yet.
That she is the electronic guru of the family

I love you both for these reasons and so much more....

Love mama.

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  1. Ok made me tear up not gonna lie...