Wednesday, November 18, 2009


One good guess as to who turned six last week.

Yeah that's right baby girl No. 2 had her party last weekend. There were balloons everywhere, kids everywhere, and enough cake to bless an army.
I made a castle cake, and I must say I was pretty proud of myself for pullin this one off. I wasn't too happy with it the night before, I even had a backup plan to run and get a cake if this one didn't turn out. But after sleeping on it and then trying again in the a.m. it didn't turn out tooooo shabby.

It tasted good too.
We played pin the crown on the princess and then everyone took their turn hitting the unicorn pinata. Yes, we did a pinata in the house. And no, no one was hit in the process.

Not too many pics of this party, it was just so fast paced, and before I knew it, it was over.

Here is your girl rockin her new press on princess nails....She is something else.

Sid, I love you more than life. I can't wait to see the path God has choosen for you, I can't even begin to imagine what you will be. The world is yours, and you are so special, we are truly bless to have you in ours. I love you baby. Love always...Mom

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{Random Wednesday}

Sid: Mommy, where does the rain come from?

Mom: uhhh...

Sid: Oh wait! I know. It's when God takes a bath and the water splashes over the side.

Mom: Yeah baby, that's it....

Totally random ya'll, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
~ j

Monday, November 9, 2009

8 is the magic number.

The morning began with a flourish of hushed whispers, tight hugs, and an abundance of forehead kisses. "Mom, it's my birthday". Today is my party, and it's really MY birthday". Olivia woke up before the sun and came to our bed first thing in the morning to stake claim to the day that has been hers for the last eight years. We had been talking about it all week and she knew that the phatest (is that a word? phatest? not sure, I might have just made that up. oh well...anyway...) party on earth was going to begin in a few hours, and she did not want to miss one moment of it. Once the streamers were strung, the balloons were blown, and every one had on their jammies, Olivia's pajama jammie jam was on. And if I must say so myself, the party was off the chain!!!

Everyone was instructed to wear their pajamas to this pretend sleep over, they brought their pillows, and we we even had a sleepover cake.

Yeah. I made this myself. What.

*side note: As a reminder to parents, I put a note in the invitation that said "this is NOT a sleepover", it was only pretend. I did not want parents confused and thinking they could leave their children overnight. I know some of my friend were X-CITED about the sleepover party, and planning their adult night out. Until they read the note, and realized they had to come back and get their kids. Ahem....Priscilla... : )

The girls got to decorate their little skirt purses, everybody loved this.

Then we had a pajama fashion show, where all the ladies walked down the hallway, I mean runway, and modeled their pj's in the fiercest way possible. After that we played freeze dance where all the "single ladies" busted a move to Beyonce.

Finally we had cake, painted fingernails, and everyone played until moms and dads came to pick them up. The party was so much fun. We had just enough activities, just enough food, and just enough time to make this party unforgettable. I hope Olivia had as much fun as I did.

Shout out to my mom and sister (Auntie J) for all the help with the party, you both know I couldn't have done it without you. ♥

The day ended with her riding her new healy's to her bedroom, off to sleep and dream of the perfect 8 year old birthday party.

Olivia, I can't believe that you are eight. I can't believe that my original baby girl is growing up. It seems like you are heading at the speed of light toward teenagerville. It seems like just yesterday you were fresh out the box and the doctor was laying you on my chest. I was so so happy. So joyful at the life your dad and I had created, so happy to see you for the first time, so in awe at the responsibility that God had given us in that moment. You are the one I learned how to be a good mom with, you are the one who continues to school me in new things, it's because of you that when things come up with your brother and sister I am an old pro. I love you baby girl, you are my sunshine, and don't you ever forget it. God's got His hand on you, and I know you can feel it. Love you forever....Mom

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Cards

For the last couple of years I have been trying to get a good picture of my family so that we can make and send out our own personal Christmas cards. To me, personal cards are so cute, and well, personal. So I figure "hey, I am a photographer, I should be able to make this happen". I mean why can't we, the Renville's, have our own cute little card. Well, rather than go into detail about how each attempt so far has failed miserably, let's just try to be positive this year and say "third time is a charm". Right??? Well you guys, it has to be, because I am determined more than ever to get this right. I am going to start early, plan a day, get everyone dressed, and we WILL return with a nice family photo. Oh yes.... yes we will. I'm just sayin', I don't want to have to turn into momzilla on anyone. dun...dun....dunnnnn....

**If you are thinking ahead like me and want to have a personal photo for your christmas cards, start early, and start now. j'Marie is now scheduling appointments for your holdiday family portraits.

Holla back!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Olivia: Why does this store have ALL these Christmas decorations up?!?!

Mom: Well, baby, Christmas is coming up and everybody is just getting ready.
Olivia: But MOM! It is not time for Christmas, Thanksgiving is next.... So WHY are all these decorations up!!!
Mom: Sweetie, I know that, and you know that, but I guess Christmas is just a bit more popular so they just kinda skip it.
Olivia: O. Well I guess so. But they should know that Thanksgiving is next. NOT Christmas.
Mom: I know baby, I know.

Why does Thanksgiving basically get skipped over in the stores every year? I have asked this question for years. Don't people know that Thanksgiving is the bomb! I love, love this holiday. You get to eat, and hang with family, take a nap, and then eat again. What more could a person want?!? I was pretty proud that my girl noticed stores trying to, once again, skip over turkey day. I know that sounds a little off, but of course if you are not a foodie like me, you wouldn't understand.

In other randomness, here is a picture of a snowlady my girl made the other day. She is definitely a "lady" hence the pink headband wrapped tightly around her head. And yeah, those are mini pepperonis for her eyes.

Happy random Wednesday!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Holidaze

Phew! Halloween passed by in a whirlwind. Me running around crazy trying to be super mom and make all the kids' costumes, all the while planning the girls's birthday parties. I tell ya, the end of the year is always really hectic for me. It's like running a race and then sprinting the last half mile, and for me that means my mouth hanging open, me breathing all ragged and hard, and almost stumbling on my own feet... Yeah, it's like that ya'll. I am, however, very thankful for my life and all the people in it. I am truly blessed each day.

Up and Coming:
What's new with j'Marie you ask. Well I have been working on several things other than running the family race. Earlier this year I was selected by my local library to hold my own art gallery at 3 of their branches. When I got the news I was super super suuuuper excited! I mean I was screaming, jumping up and down, the kids were screaming jumping up and down, and then the dog (because he never likes to be left out) started running around in circles and barking up and down. It was priceless. So needless to say I have been hard at work getting my art work ready for my first show. I will let you know when that is coming up and when my opening party is.

For the Thanksgiving holiday I am so excited to be heading back to Cali to spend it among my peoples. I have a couple of shoots lined up for me there already so I will be blogging those when we get back.

In January my baby sister will be getting married. I am ultra excited about this too. This is the first time I will be in a wedding (besides my own) and I can't wait to be her lady in waiting. I sorta can't believe it, my baby sis is getting married, but I am very happy for her and Cody.

More big things in the work for next year that I can't quite mention yet, but I think change is coming....

And because my posts are just plain boring without a picture here is one of the kids on Halloween. I present to you a fairy, a military dude, a ballerina and Abbycadabby.

I hope your Halloween was as blessed mine. Until next time.... Be blessed.

♥ j