Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Olivia: Why does this store have ALL these Christmas decorations up?!?!

Mom: Well, baby, Christmas is coming up and everybody is just getting ready.
Olivia: But MOM! It is not time for Christmas, Thanksgiving is next.... So WHY are all these decorations up!!!
Mom: Sweetie, I know that, and you know that, but I guess Christmas is just a bit more popular so they just kinda skip it.
Olivia: O. Well I guess so. But they should know that Thanksgiving is next. NOT Christmas.
Mom: I know baby, I know.

Why does Thanksgiving basically get skipped over in the stores every year? I have asked this question for years. Don't people know that Thanksgiving is the bomb! I love, love this holiday. You get to eat, and hang with family, take a nap, and then eat again. What more could a person want?!? I was pretty proud that my girl noticed stores trying to, once again, skip over turkey day. I know that sounds a little off, but of course if you are not a foodie like me, you wouldn't understand.

In other randomness, here is a picture of a snowlady my girl made the other day. She is definitely a "lady" hence the pink headband wrapped tightly around her head. And yeah, those are mini pepperonis for her eyes.

Happy random Wednesday!


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