Thursday, October 30, 2008

{Jami + Gabe } 10.11.08

You may remember Jami and Gabe from here, they were the couple that knew each other from forever ago and in the end got together. Well these crazy kids finally made it official! They got married a few weekends ago, and I was there to capture their blessed event. Although the weather was a little bonkers, considering the day before was gorgeous and then the day after was nice, everyone worked it out.

This one of the fellas is one of my favorites. It shows how cool and suave they are.....
then this one shows how silly the really are.
The happy couple....
They had the biggest wedding party I have ever seen! There were 18 of them all together. You can't really tell from this picture, but the weather that day was terrible. The ladies were freezing!! I felt so bad having them out in the cold.

The first dance.

Ok. Jami is from Ohio, and apparently they have a big college football program there. Jami and her family are big fans of this Ohio team. I don't really know much about college football (except for what the man has taught me-I am sure he has said something about Ohio, I am just not sure I was listening). So during the reception one of her bridesmaids got up and gave a speech about the Ohio team, it was directed at Gabe. They even gave him some kind of nut necklace to wear. After they let him know that he could "take the girl out of Ohio, but never the Ohio out of the girl" everyone (and I mean everyone) from Ohio proceeded to sing the school's chant. O-H-I-O!!
It was bananas! They were doing the arm thing and everything. This tirade went on for at least 10 minutes. I had never seen anything like it. Of course it was all in good fun. Which made it even more silly.

Jami and Gabe, I had such a wonderful time hanging out with you and your family. You two are truly blessed. I hope your honeymoon in Hawaii was off the chain. Love ya.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last sunday my boy was dedicated at our church (yes he wore his pink suit, I will post a pic later). To be dedicated means alot to me. It is more than just a prayer prayed over him, it is more than just a few words given as a blessing. It is actually me giving my child back to God. It is me saying "Lord, this is your son. And I will do my best to raise him in Your ways to follow after you. Let Your will be done in his life."

For me, this is a little hard to do, because even though I trust in God, sometimes, as a mother, I worry a bit too much. About all my children. I worry that they are not eating enough, that they might not be feeling well, that some kid is hurting their feelings, that they are not getting a fair shake. I worry about their futures, and what that holds. And you know, as a mother, I want to make sure all these things go right. I want my children to live in a perfect world. However, as a mother, I know that that's not a possibility. So, for me, I have to remind myself to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding. Trust that He will take care of my children. Trust that they have a purpose and that no thing or person in this world can change that.

Lord, once again I give my son to you. My one and only son. I pray Lord that You will keep Your mighty hand upon him, that You will keep him safe from harm. No weapon formed against him shall prosper. Bless him O God all the days of his life. May your angels keep constant watch over him, even when I cannot. Take care of this child Lord. I love him with all my heart. Father, I trust this boy with You completely, and I know you will never lead him astray, because after all he was Your child before he ever became mine. Thank you Lord for all my children. Thank you so much.


I looked up the meaning of the word dedicate.

Dedicate [verb] dedicated [adjective]; to set apart and consecrate, to devote wholly and earnestly, to offer formally.

When I read those words, they were so powerful to me!

All of my children have been dedicated. In fact to make it plain I have set apart, consecrated, devoted wholly and offered formally all of my children to the Lord forever. Amen.

much love,


Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I had a newborn shoot the other day with this sweet little lady.

Although you can't tell by the pictures, this wide eyed youngin' hardly slept. She was very alert and wanted to know exactly what was happening in the world.

Baby G was so precious, she actually made me want another one for about .25 seconds. Then I shook myself back to reality by going to change my 10 month old's diaper.... and trust, that type of diaper will reality check anybody.

**I just want to thank baby G's parents for letting me come over and do my thang. You guys truly are blessed, and I am even more blessed to know you. Love ya'll.