Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween {'08}

Alright so I am a week behind. It's ok though, because when you see these super cute cuties you will wish it was halloween all over again. I rolled out my backdrop and did some portraits of the fam.

Belle was there...

This beautiful bride stopped her ceremony long enough for me to snag shot. (BTW. It will be another 20+years before she actually dons a real wedding gown. per D.A.D.)

Fifi was simply mah-volus da-ling.
This little stinker wobbled in...

and this cool cat rolled in and stole my heart.

Halloween was pretty fun. My kids and I went to our church for the Harvest Festival where they unload unspeakable amounts of candy on you for 4 hours straight. There were so many clever costumes, maybe one day I will dress up. I am not sure what I would be though, I would have to give it some thought.

As for my two nieces they went with their too cool for school mom's to another halloween party. The girls went to bed early, while the mamas stayed up late. Here they are before they got into their costumes.

I did not get to see them all dress up, I wish I had though, they both went as flapper girls.

I hope yours was fun and safe.



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