Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am....96/365

This was one of my proudest moments ever as a mother. Olivia was given an assignment in class to write a poem called "I am" and describe herself. I remember hearing her talk about some things she wanted to say, but I never did get to see the finished result. Open house was held last week on Wednesday, and this was the first time I got to see the poem on display outside of her classroom. After I read it I cried. I truly thanked God for what He has given me and for reminding me that Joe and my efforts to be the best godly parents we can be are working. Even if we don't see it every day. So with out further ado here is "I am"...

I am

By Olivia

I am God's daughter and a friend

I wonder about how long I will live

I hear God talking to me

I see a good future with a little of mistakes

I want to be a good person

I am God's daughter and a friend

I pretend to be a teacher

I feel protected in my house

I touch my pencil every 5 seconds

I worry about how long I will live

I cry when somebody dies

I am God's daughter and a friend

I understand people have to die

I say if you try you can do it

I dream of going to college

I try to improve my actions in school

I hope to live until I am 109 years old

I am God's daughter and friend

I love you girl.

Love, mom

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