Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vintage romance...107/365

Dear digital,
I'm sorry, I have been having an affair. One that started out as nothing, just a glance, a sideways look that somehow turned into something more. I apologize for stepping out on you. No, it's not you it's me, don't cry, I still love you. I am sorry. It seems as if this other thing occupies my mind all.of.the.time. Sometimes, I think about carrying it instead of you. I know, I know, that sounds bad, but hey, I am only human. You have to know you could never be replaced. You were my first love, and that will never change. This love that I have for it is different. It's old school, more mature... in a vintagey kinda way. Can you ever forgive me?

*I've had this Kodak Duaflex for over 3 years now, and up until about a month ago I did not think it worked. Come to find out it does, and I have the film for it. I have been obsessed ever since. I will definitely post up some of the pics that I am able to get with it.

Until next time, stay sweet.


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