Sunday, March 20, 2011

...62 & 63/365

I am starting to feel the itch people. The itch that has threatend me since day one, but I was able to soothe until about now. The itch that says quit this darn 365. You are running out of ideas, no one is watching, no one will notice. It was a silly idea any way... I've been trying to put the creative cream on it to keep it at bay, but recently with all the things going on in life right now my creativity has started to run dry and the itch is flaring up again. I haven't missed a day yet, however I know that I am about a week behind on posting. Please forgive me if I haven't posted as often as I should, and forgive me if my pics get a little boring. Just know that I am still here trying to hang in there. ;)

These pics are so random....but hey at least I took something right?

much love,


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