Saturday, July 23, 2011

Estes Park...168/365

You know how you've lived in a place basically forever, and you are so comfortable there that you don't really visit all the tourist spots and don't really have a desire to go just because you are so comfortable right where you are at. Then you leave. But then you come back, and you see an aspect of your former residence that you hadn't seen before and you wonder " why didn't I visit here when we lived here?" That's how Estes Park was for us. It was so beautiful and so peaceful, so God breathed we liteally said "How come we never came here before"..... I wished that we had had just a little more time to enjoy it's beauty at our own leisure, but alas it was not to be, the wedding was over, and life had to get back to normal.

For my cousin A, it was her first visit to Colorado...and I believe it made a good impression on her. :)

(*To her parents, YES, she has made "the blog," and YES she will make another apperance soon! lol.)

much love,


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