Friday, January 28, 2011

Pearl Necklace

This morning got kinda off to a rough start. My day wasn't necessarily going bad, just bumpy. It wasn't anything the kids or my husband had said or done it was actually something someone else said to me last night, and it just hasn't sat well with me since. I kinda feel like an oyster that has a rock or something in it and it is being irritated. I just don't get the feeling a pearl is going to come out of this. So anyway, as I log on to my computer trying to pray and push the thoughts of mild frustration out of my head I open up an email from someone super special to me. And the thing this lady has said this morning is something that I definitely needed to hear. You see God is funny, He took something that I said to this lady, blessed her with it, and in her telling me about it God used that same thing to bless me brand new today. Make sense? ;) Ok remember when I talked (just a few short posts ago) about grace, and giving myself a little grace? Well I have been so graciously reminded that I need to extend that same grace to others. Huh! Imagine that. ;) Yes, my friends, don't' forget to give others a little grace this year too. And what I mean by that is, it's ok if someone makes you mad. You (I) don't know what is going on in their life, what they are facing today. They may have snapped at you out of their circumstances, not realizing that they hurt you. Now, this doesn't mean you just let anyone walk all over you for grace's sake. But it does mean that you can give them a little room to act up (give them a little grace), because usually they will see how they've treated you and want to make things right (usually!). People, this is what grace is about, because after all God is a god of second chances, shouldn't we be a people of second chances? I'm just sayin.

Huh. Maybe I did get a pearl out of all that irritation this morning. A pearl of wisdom. Thank Lord for all your wisdom and thank you Auntie for my new pearl necklace.

Much love,


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