Sunday, July 13, 2008


n. The quality or state of being happy.
I found a few other definitions. I like this one the best~
n. The state of being blessed; felicity; bliss; heavenly joys; the favor of God.

The other day Olivia went to her first slumber party, it was a big girl sleep over which meant Sid had to stay home. The man and I took that opportunity to take Sid out on a "date". We took her to Lil Biggs (Chuck-e-Cheese on steroids) and she had a blast! You see, when you have more than one kid and they are close to the same age, it's hard to have one on one time. Everything is always done together. So it was fun for me and Joe to treat Sidney to her own night. We ate pizza, and played until the place closed down. For her... it was the true definition of happiness. Selah.

~ j

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