Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last week I got back in touch with my older sister after 8 years of not talking. Let me explain. Natalie's mom dated my dad for like 10 years, they never got married, but we were family. I always remember thinking how cool Natalie was. She was way older than me, had her own apartment, was married and had her own money. She was always there to give sisterly advice and treat us girls when she could. I am not sure if I ever expressed it to her, but she meant the world to me. You see in my mom's house I am the oldest child, so I always had a lot more responsibility and had to help take care of my younger sisters. So when I was at dad's I wasn't the oldest anymore, and I could look up to someone else, and ask her those things I couldn't ask anyone else. It's different being some one's little sister. And to be NATALIE's little sister...well that's off the chain. Anyhoo, back to my story, to make a long one short, my dad and Nat's mom did not work out. The last time I saw them was in 2000 when they were at my wedding, after that we lost all contact. But then, earlier this year my dad ran into Natalie while getting a pedicure at his favorite nail shop (yes, dad loves getting his feet done... I am just glad I'm not the one that has to do it), he gave her my number, she called, and family was made new. Now, I am definitely not that 20 year old, freshly married girl she used to know. I have surely been around the block a few times. However, I am so excited to have my big sister back, someone this old married, mother of 3 can still look up to and call on for that lovingly sister advice. Cause no matter how old I get, Natalie will still be older. Or should I say wiser. ; )

I love you Natalie, and I can not wait to get wiser under your wing.

Love ,


Here is a picture of all of us this past weekend...

Me and Nat are on the right. Jussie and Tyler are on the left. Tyler, my niece, was in my wedding, and she was a cute little girl back then. Now she is a beautiful, smart, basketball star playing young lady. I could not believe my eyes! Look at those Cali girls. I am so in love with my "new" extended family. I could not stop smiling.

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