Monday, December 7, 2009

Califonia Love

So, we went to Cali over the thanksgiving holiday. Man, was it nice. It was so good to see family again. I got to visit my favorite store on the planet {IKEA}. The weather was off the chain!! I mean it was like 85 degrees on Thanksgiving day. We were outside in the backyard in shorts and flip flops, eating turkey and sweet potato pie. We had so much fun.
I also had the pleasure of taking pictures for my cousins. They wanted to have something done for their christmas pictures, and I was more than happy to deliver.

Harley and Waleed are my favorite cousins (over 5'7"), Waleed is so chill and Harley of course is my dawg ( We went to a nearby park and took care of some bizznazzzz.

Hot mama!

This is my favorite picture of the day. My littlest cousin did not want to take pictures at all. Can you tell? HaHa! I love it anyway. I think this is going in the Christmas card.

Ahhh. The weather was nice, the sun was lovely. It was hard to come home... Anyway. More pictures to come from my Cali family....



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