Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tara + Erica Seniors 2010

Imagine having a permanent friend. One that was always there when you needed them. One that knew what you meant to say even if what you said wasn't really what you meant to say. Someone who has been there since birth. Wait, I mean before birth, since your beginning. (No, I am not talking about Jesus, although he is the friend that is like no other. We will save that PSA for another day.) :) I am talking about Tara and Erica. They are twins. I have known these girls since they were toddlers, and a couple of weeks ago I got to take their senior portraits. I will not say how old I was when I first met them, cause then that would give you a clue as to how old I am. Let's just say it has been at least 17 years, and now they are finally seniors. Their bond was amazing to watch. They look just alike, they laughed at each others private jokes, heck, if one of them trips the other one quickly trips so that her sister is not left alone. I love that! ( They actually demonstrated that benefit for me when I tripped on my sandal. One of them stumbled right behind me automatically! It was great, I need something like that all the time.)
Anywhoo, I had such an awesome time hanging with these two cuties. You can tell from their pictures alone that they have fun wherever they go. Even if no one else is around, these two will always have each other. Always.

Ok, so this is Tara...I think. ; )

And here is Erica... I hope. :)

I know the girls will forgive me if I got it wrong, but I am pretty sure I got it right.
Ladies, I had a blast. Thank you for letting me document this time in your lives. It was sheer joy.
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