Saturday, June 13, 2009

Viva Las Vegas 2009

Alright, so we are back from Vegas. And let me tell you we had a BLAST!! We had such a good time acting like teenagers with no responsibilities. We stayed up every night until after 2 a.m (that may not be late for some of you, but for this mom of three 10pm is usually my max), and one morning we did not get up until 12:30! Did you hear me?!? I said my husband and I stayed in bed until after noon! Yeah we were lovin it. Now, we did gamble a little bit. Just a little. I mean how can you go to Las Vegas and not gamble? So needless to say we won some, but lost more. And let me just tell you I am never going to gamble again. Vegas or no Vegas. I am definitely a sore loser. I do not like parting with any portion of my money for no good reason. To me it is just senseless. On another note, we did win a Wii gaming system. Yes that's right a Wii!! We stayed in the New York New York hotel (which is a really nice hotel by the way) and there is an arcade at the top where you can also get on the roller coaster. So on our last night there we went up to the arcade to play some games and the very first game Joe tries for 3 dollars results in him walking out with a complete $250 Wii system! Ask me about the story and I will tell you in person, it is good, real good but too long to tell here. Let's just say it is one we will never forget, nor will the gang of people that were in the arcade that night. All in all we had a wonderful trip, bonding together and getting to know one another again without the children in tow. If you are married with kids I would definitely recommend planning a little getaway with your spouse, it is truly priceless, and I think can help make you a better parent
Now, you know I am going to put up some pictures of our trip. Here they are so enjoy...

Oh yeah! And we saw Ving Rhames in the airport on the way home. He was a cooler than a polar bear's toe nails.

We had such a good time on our trip, as I said before it is one we won't soon forget. ; )
Much love,


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