Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Word painting

So, I was reading this book the other day, and I don't think I have ever read anything like it before. The subject and content was ok. But the way it was written, the way the author painted with his words, was amazing. It was a love story seen through the eyes of two people. The man and the woman involved, and basically the man and woman fall in love at a young age, but the woman ends up marrying and loving someone else, while the man waits, and waits, and waits for her. It is not until they are both old (70 somethings) that they end up getting together. I know that sounds strange, a love story about old people, but this book spans their entire lives and it is really pretty good. The reason I say pretty good, is because some of the descriptions and graphics were a little too descriptive, and if you were to pick it up and only have read that one page you would be questioning its' content. Other than that, it was really good. Anyway, back to his word painting. There were several passages in the book that were so artistically written, to me, they made my heart smile. Listen.

"Then he knew that they had rounded the cape of good hope, and he took her large, soft hand again and covered it with forlorn little kisses, first the metacarpus, the long discerning fingers...and then the hieroglyphics of her destiny on her perspiring palm."

I just love the end part about the hieroglyphics, it took me a minute to figure out what he was saying, but when I did, it captured me.

"By the time she finished unburdening herself, someone had turned off the moon."

The author could have just said "it was late". But turning off the moon... now that was something I hadn't heard before.

"She was embarrassed when she greeted him, and he was more embarrassed by her embarrassment. The knowledge that they were behaving as if they were sweethearts was even more embarrassing, and the knowledge that they were both embarrassed embarrassed them so much that the Captian Samaritano noticed it with a tremor of compassion."

Can you imagine two people thinking that they were at the end of their lives, falling in love again and not knowing what to do about it? I think sometimes the world saves love for the young. When in reality love is for everyone. Anyway sorry for the long post, but this book was so wonderfully written I just had to share... Happy Reading!

*sigh* with love,


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