Saturday, September 27, 2008


So my niece came over to visit the other day. She is just too Cute (with a capital C)! I don't get to see her that much because my sister moved on the other side of town, but last week they came by, and her "party dress" just happened to be in the car, so you know the camera just had to come out. And I must say, ol' girl was working that dress!

I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I am gonna just post them all. Sorry if it's a little long.

Here she is with her mama. I tell you what, my sister has ALWAYS taken good pictures. I mean she couldn't take a bad picture if she tried. Me on the other hand...let's just say I have been known to have a claw like hand with only one eye consistently open in nearly ALL of my pictures. I guess that is why I am better behind the camera. Oh well. She is beautiful though isn't she. (some people just don't know what they have till it's gone. my PSA for sept '08)

~much love


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