Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby Love

Maybe it's cause I have not had a baby in the house in a while, or because I know that this is my last child, but I must say that I absolutely love loooovve huggin on my baby boy. He is just so chunky. Right now we are trying to get him transitioned out of our bed and into his own room/bed, and things are working great. But when he is not there I miss him. I feel like I need to have his head right under my armpit, I need to smell his hot little baby breath swirling in and out of his perfect toothless grin. I feel as if when he is not around my arms are aching to hold him. I know, I know, he needs to be in his own bed, and the longer I wait the harder it will be, but dang, I miss the little man. I told my husband "Honey I have fallen in love with another man" (he did not really think that was a funny statement until I explained to him that it was our son), and it's true! I did not think it could happen, but yet again... another Renville has stolen my heart.

Who loves ya baby??


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