Sunday, February 20, 2011

She wigs me, she wigs me not.....36/365

She wigs me, she wigs me not.

Ya'll I wanted to jump in so bad. I wanted to have hair down my back flowing freely, catchin the breeze as I strode down the street. I wanted to join the ranks of the millions of "California Girls" that are rockin the put it on and go style. Joe would have had a fit. But I didn't care I was gonna be fierce, I could just feel it. But luckily I had a friend with me that looked at me as if I had lost my mind, popped my California dream and said "Girl, let's go."

Oh well, it sounded good for about a minute. Maybe I will get the nerve up next time. ;)

♥ j

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  1. You're a very talented photographer, Jaime. And this wig photo is gorgeous! Nice perspective there, like the line of wigs and mannequin heads goes on forever. Keep it up! And yeah, I hope you don't get too scared to buy your own wig next time. =)