Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My poor blog. I am sorry I have so been neglecting you. Forgive me, I will try and do better....

TTv stands for Through The Viewfinder. It is a photographic technique that I never knew existed until about 4 weeks ago. What it is, is basically you use your digital camer to take pictures through the viewfinder of another camera. This technique uses two cameras at one time. Alot of people use a Kodak Duaflex or a Brownie Starflex as their bottom cameras, but there are several different ones you can use to get the desired effect. To learn more about TTv check it out here . After discovering this TTv I decided I wanted to do something like that. I thought the pictures were cool. So I went on ebay and got a Duaflex II for 9 bucks (plus shipping), then it took me about a week, but I constructed a light blocking contracption and I started to take pictures. These are my first two.

Aren't they cool?! Here are some more I have taken over the last few days...

I like it because you can take a picture of basically anything and make it look funky, no matter what the composition.

Stay fresh.


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