Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Senior not Citizen

Yes she is a senior, but not a senior citizen! HA HA HA. Ok, bad joke, anyway...
Bre is graduating in 2 weeks. Yayyyy! I know she is super excited, and I know her parents are even more excited than that. After she graduates she will be getting married and joining the Air Force...talk about life in the fast lane...but hey what are you going to do with two kids in love.... Good luck Bre, no wait God bless (becuase we all know there is no such thing as luck). I wish you the best on this new journey. May your heart always hear His voice.
Isn't she lovely.....

The lucky man...

** Hey if you are a senior in 2008- 2009 hit me back and you may qualify to become my senior rep for 2009.

much love,


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