Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Team

I have 3 children, and because I love taking pictures they are often the objects that fuel my fire. I can't help it, I take tons of pictures of them (when they will let me). Meet O*, she is my oldest child. She is in kindergarden right now and is basically the "mother" of the group.

Next is Sid, she is a rebel with out a cause. So sweet and loving at times it will give you a tooth ache. But make no mistake though she will definately let you know her opinion when she has one. She is for sure a firecracker.

And lastly is Izzy.

He is the baby of the bunch. The girls absolutely adore him. Matter of fact they won't leave him alone -to the point of exhaustion on my part. They are always in his face, and he loves it. I especially love it first thing in the morning when he hears their voices, and then sees their faces, he just smiles so big, it's amazing.

I never dreamed that I would be the mother of 3 children (let alone 2 girls and a boy), but I am, and am truly blessed by them everyday(even if they do wear me out sometimes).

~p.s. can you tell it was hat day. I absolutely LOVE hats.

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