Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, here we go again.

Mondays are hard for me to get in to. I am sure plenty of people know what I am talking about when I say Mondays are ruff. So in light of the start of this new week, I am going to try and be positive about Mondays. Actually I bought this book from the Goodwill titled "14,000 Things to be Happy About." I thought the title was cute, and when I looked through the pages I saw that the entire book was just one long list of random things to be happy about. So, I have decided that in order to stay on my positive Monday kick I will flip though my "Happy" book and give you all a few random nuggets to think about. So here goes...

Things to be happy about today:

Not waiting too long

Cool rainy weekends for lots of reading

White T-shirts

Pineapple slices wrapped in bacon and broiled, a warm croissant, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and orange juice.

See, totally random.

Happy Monday!



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